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time:2015-9-21 15:56:01    autor:国家治理研究院

Director office of the National Institute of Governance of HUST, associate professor in school of Marxism, deputy secretary general of the youth association of social workers, Hubei province, director of China’s social governance institute. His research direction is the history of Marxism, Marxism Sinicization. His representative works include "Chinese road-thought premise, the value implication and reflection on methodology" (co-authored with professor Ouyang Kang),"the cultural China’s reconstruction-the historical investigation of Marxism and the common spiritual home for the Chinese nation" (co-authored with professor Changyi Huang). On behalf of his papers:"The analysis of the structure characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics", "The Communist Party of China in 90 years rectifying the left anti-rightist struggle of the review and reflection", " The interpretation of health in Chinese traditional culture"," the theoretical logic and historical fact of monoculturalism-dominated idea and multiculturalism-mingled idea system’s structure "and a total of more than 20 papers.