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time:2015-9-21 14:55:33    autor:华科

         President of the National Institute of Governance of HUST,doctor of philosophy, former deputy secretary of the party committee of HUST, director of the philosophy institute and the editor-in-chief in Huazhong university of science and technology (social science edition), "central China scholars leading post" professor, doctoral tutor. And as a Marxism discipline appraisal group member by the academic degrees committee under the state council, a evaluation expert in national philosophy and the social foundation, a member of social sciences commission of the Ministry of Education, the deputy director of college philosophy teaching’s steering committee, the deputy director of the ministry of education’s style of study construction committee, secretary-general of the university culture quality education committee, executive director of the international association of philosophers, CPC Hubei Provincial Committee decision support consultant, CPPCC member of Hubei province, vice-chairman of philosophical society of Hubei province, etc. Mainly engaged in the study of Marxist philosophy in particular social epistemology. Representative works include “the introduction to social epistemology”, “the philosophical methodology”, “Ouyang Kang’s selection”, “the dialogue and reflection on contemporary Anglo-American philosophy, culture and other”, “the study of Marxist epistemology”, “Chinese road-thought premise, the value implication and reflection on methodology”. As the editor in chief of “the humanistic and social science of philosophy”, “the map of contemporary Anglo-American philosophy”, “contemporary British and American famous philosophers’ academic report”, etc. He has published more than 300 papers in English and Chinese in “Social Sciences In China”, “Philosophical Researches”, ect.And obtained more than 10 times excellent achievement prize of ministry of education and philosophical and social sciences, Hubei province.He has presided more than ten national, provincial and ministerial level and international cooperation scientific research projects.He also went abroad engaging in academic exchanges and cooperation for many times. Professor Ouyang Kang has awarded special allowance by State council since 1992 and was named “the young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution of Hubei province” in 1992.He was elected to the ministry of education “cross-century talents’ training plan” and “talents’ project” by the national Ministry of personnel in 1999. The videos of university courses “introduction to philosophy” by the ministry of education were spoken by him.He participated in Marxist theoretical research and construction projects.He is the chief expert for the national ministry of education’s major research projects “Marxism and the construction of common spiritual home for the Chinese nation”, “promoting the modernization of national governance system and several major theoretical studies”.E-mail: